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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Writing's On The Wall

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Lots of folks may have fallen through the cracks as the pace of so-called progress leaves them behind. But that doesn't mean they can't reach out from rock bottom with their voices (and sometimes, with their pens & markers too). This is not the worst picture regarding the ugly side of reality here but still, click on the picture to bloat it and take a look at it again:
1) If you feel nothing, you deserve to have your heart fail on you.

2) If you feel sad, you are human.

3) If you feel happy about it, you are a sadist.

4) If you feel elated, see point 3 above & multiply the last word by 3.

5) If you don't know what the message is all about, you need to go out more, open your eyes and see the world outside your ignorance. Crawl out from underneath your rock and go now, shoo. I said NOW for your own sake so that you won't continue to be victimized without even realizing it.

6) If you feel angry towards the message, you must be a money-grabbing developer without morals.

7) If you feel angry for the message, you have a sense of justice.

8) If this is nothing but vandalism to you, you may be right. At the same time, you don't understand the desperation of the needy and have no empathy. Even a Court of Law needs to establish some empathy with to-be-convicted criminals so as to understand their motives behind their crimes to make fair judgments.

9) If you've shed a tear, you are compassionate and have a good heart. God bless you and keep your heart strong & healthy.

10) If you think this is not real, then you must be an out-of-touch elite.

And if you are the person who wrote that message, I like your guts.

(Picture from The Online Citizen's Facebook Page)

Gee, I wonder if it's just coincidence that this blog entry shares the same theme as the previous one; they are both about things on the wall. Creepy.

- De Lion Speaks

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