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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Message On The Wall

Whichever kid who did this on the wall at the void deck under one of the blocks in front of mine deserves a medal. As you can see, he or she even appeals politely for anyone not to tear it down. The smiling faces & the heart brought a smile to my own face as I felt myself getting in touch again with my lost innocence in my own heart. It brightened up my day.

I'd much rather see such endearing things among the blocks in my estate than the occasional loan shark messages or crude vandalism scribblings that proclaim who deserves to end up in hell or something.

'Please Don't Tear Down'? I won't do that. But even if your message gets torn down some day by somebody else (and it will get torn down one day, unfortunately), it will continue to survive in my blog here. But whoever you may be and if you can read this blog entry somehow, someway, someday, be aware that such an act may be considered an act of vandalism even though you may mean well. So exercise prudence and do things on the correct platform, yeah?

Still, may God bless you & may you grow up to be a peacemaker who can make the world a better place. Thanks for making me smile with a glow in my heart. I needed that.

Spread the ♥ and the kawaiiness.

- De Lion Speaks

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