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Monday, August 29, 2011

My New 'RoutDem'

There is nowhere in the dictionary where the word 'RoutDem' can be found. So am I spouting nonsense again? Wait, before you close this blog page, allow me to explain, so hold Thy fingers there. I promise things will turn out quite logical.

You see, there is such a gadget which is the combination of a router and a modem. As far as I know, there is no official word to describe such a thing other than 'modem/router' or 'router/modem', which are pretty lame. Therefore, for lack of a better word, I'm taking the liberty here to use the word 'RoutDem' to describe such a gadget for this blog entry.

So a Modem is a gadget that allows you to have online access to the Internet and a Router is a networking device connected to a modem that allows multiple devices like another computer, laptop or a handphone to connect to the modem (and thus, the Internet) wirelessly via the router.

In other words, a router allows devices to ride on it to access the Net via a modem connected to it. If the Internet is a house, then the modem is the gate and the router is the gatekeeper while the devices trying to access the Net are the party-crashers attempting to enter the house through the gate. Logical so far, I hope.

So I was informed that the contract of my broadband Internet service has just expired recently and if I don't renew the 2-years contract, I'll have to pay for the service at a higher uncontracted price. Since I need Internet access every single day for the rest of my life, a renewable 2-years contract is a definite must. Why pay a higher price for something I use everyday, right?

So I was informed by my ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is Starhub, that upon renewing my contract with them, they will upgrade the speed of my broadband Internet access by replacing my modem which has a speed of 30mbps (megabytes per second) with a new one with 50mbps digital horsepower.

Best thing is, there will be no extra charges from my usual under-contract monthly payment. So I'll be paying the same amount but getting a boost in speed. Cool.

So I took up the offer and they sent a tech over to my place to install the gadget which is a one whole piece of device - a combination of a router and a modem. How very niftily encompassing. The picture on the left shows it in action (click it to bloat it).

Honestly, this is the first time in my life that I have to deal with a 'RoutDem', so inevitably, I'll have some apprehension and questions about it:

The voice in my head:
a) If the modem goes bust, then the router becomes paperweight.

b) If, on the other hand, the router goes kaput, I should probably still be able to use the modem to access the Net on my computer which is directly connected to the RoutDem. I might have to adjust some things here and there though.

c) But should the device ever fails as a whole, I won't be able to use anything to get online; royally screwed, so to speak.

Hey, I just talked to myself there. Well, I had to since I have to analyze the pros and cons of substituting a separate modem and a separate router with a RoutDem. Actually, points a and b above are no different from a separate modem and separate router situation. But point c above rings true for a RoutDem and that would be a unique case all on its own.

So I better not have a point c situation. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, my ISP now provides only RoutDems as standard when it comes to home broadband Internet.

Performance-wise, I did notice a slight boost in surfing speed so far. It's not overly much as compared to before but it's still a discernible factor. But it wasn't like my old modem and router were cyber versions of tortoises to begin with, though.

And in the area of wireless coverage, I have no problem connecting my phone to the router from anywhere in the house, just like before.

Stability-wise, I'm happy to report that not once did the device crash on me so far and Internet surfing has been as smooth as a baby's butt. I'm happy with it so far. But it's too early to tell, though. We'll see as time goes on.

Well, you can be sure that if my RoutDem ever goes gaga on me someday down the road, a new blog entry about it with the 'Rant' label attached will be born here in this blog site. Here's hoping we will never see one  ^_^"

- De Lion Speaks

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