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Monday, August 1, 2011

Psychedelic Garbage

If Beauty and Misery go on a date, do something untimely out of passion and bear a child, this is what will be produced:

During the 90's, I liked Garbage's 'I'm Only Happy When It Rains' and 'Stupid Girl'. But I didn't check out their albums nor the rest of their songs, I was fed with only what MTV showed me when it came to the band. Such was the life of a poor teenage student who couldn't afford to skip too many lunches to save the money in order to buy more CDs.

Miss Psychedelic got me hyped-up about Garbage again after all these years when she played their music beginning with #1 Crush while I was in her car one fine day recently. It's funny how when I told her then that #1 Crush is an awesome song, it made her do the 'Victory Elbow Slam With Clenched Fist' as she uttered a "YES!"

The reinforcements in appreciation of Garbage's music we fed each other with soon got me addicted to their psychedelic tunes. Before long, my addiction took a huge leap forward when I saw more of their music videos which lots of foreign folks from countries with more liberal 'substance freedom' describe as being akin to the warped perceptions of an LSD trip.

I don't do drugs and I do not know how a LSD trip is like and I do not wish to find out. Still, listening to Garbage and watching their music videos and live performances make me 'trippy'; Listening hard enough to their music elevates my consciousness to some weird, surreal and dreamy psychedelic level.

Shirley Manson is awesome. And she is one of the rare few women I've seen who are the epitome of charisma. To add to the adoration, I like her wardrobe much.

The band has gotten back together and they are working on a new album. Stay tuned and pun-intended.

-De Lion Speaks

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