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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sip of Serenity At Shochu Bar

In my blog entry here, I mentioned that everytime when I finish work at Harbourfront and Vivocity, I'll pop over to Serenity restaurant pub for a mug of Heineken and enjoy the view of Sentosa island across the narrow strait while pondering about life in general or something Emo like that. But that's alright since I even have the Emo hair for such occasions, so it's all good.

This evening, however, I've decided to hole up at the outside seating area of Shochu Bar instead. Shochu Bar is just next to Serenity and the reason why I'm here now is because they have Sapporo beer which Serenity doesn't. Sapporo is the largest city of Hokkaido and thus, according to beer logic, drinking the city's trademark golden liquid poison makes me go through a bittersweet reminiscence of Hokkaido and the city, along with the coastal town of Otaru.

Bitter because I happen to miss Hokkaido since it's my favorite place on earth, especially when snow is falling there during winter and in particular, the beautiful romantic little town of Otaru. Sweet because I had a wonderful time there where me & my Lioness experienced falling snow first-hand for the first time in our lives during late March in 2010. And yeah, I drank lots of Sapporo beer there, which other drink would be more appropriate?

So this is why I'm here at Shochu Bar. Besides the fact that I'm not in a hurry to get home for dinner since I'm on diet and am skipping dinner, I wanted another taste of Hokkaido. This is making me yearn to go back there again, which I can't do just yet because of my work and I'm waiting for winter. As it is, the shit for weather here on home ground lately has been fickle and can degenerate suddenly into one mean hot as hell sonofabitch. I hate summer to the core.

Me & my Lioness have recently planned to go to Korea in January next year. Before, I've originally planned to go back to just Hokkaido in either February or March, so if finances and work allow, I'll go back there a couple of months or so after Korea for a double-dose of wanderlust satisfaction. If not, then I'll take us both back to Taipei for a short shopping trip to replenish our wardrobe. Or probably Hong Kong? But I prefer the hippier fashion sense of the Taiwanese. We'll see.

Anyway, I wanted to take a photo of the outside bar area of Shochu Bar but the table in front of me is occupied by a guy and 3 ladies and they are blocking my view of the bar. So I'll wait for them to disperse later before taking the shot and I'm hoping they will soon since one of the ladies has the most irritating laughter. She laughs too loudly and there is nothing ladylike about it and she's wearing work clothes, tsk.

Ear-sore that begets eye-sore once you hear the way she cackles and then look at the clothes she's wearing, in the sense that not that there's anything wrong with her work clothes but her loud mannerism & cackling just don't gel with her image and ruins it. Gawd, my ears.

And I think they are either sales reps or sales managers since they keep on talking about sales reps. I wouldn't be surprised, us reps like to hang out for a drink or two after work. It's in our blood and an unwritten law of the universe. They who work outdoors hang & chill outside. Makes me wonder if they are in the Pharmaceutical industry just like I am.

View of Sentosa island (click to bloat)
Yeah, they are obstructing my view of the bar but all is not lost, I still have an unobstructed view of Sentosa island. How lovely. And as I'm typing this section, they are playing the Jap theme song of the Jap drama Beach Boys. Cool. Oh, and now that the Beach Boys song has trailed off, Utada Hikaru's 'First Love' has started playing. So even aurally, I'm getting reinforcements of my memories of Japan. And here comes that bittersweet feeling again..

So the point of this blog entry? Nothing in particular, actually. I'm just recording down my thoughts and feelings and memories after a day of work on a Wednesday. So if you are feeling cheated, you can punch a hole through your monitor right now or smash your phone against the wall if you're using it to browse this and hope that you hit the nerve center of this blog.

Neah Neah Ne Poo Poo

Seriously, aren't the above part of the reasons for a blog too? Besides, see what I wrote as this blog's tagline just below my banner above. Take it easy. It's not everyday that something exciting of a gargantuan magnitude happens anyway. Sometimes, I just wanna chill out and just write about it.

Damn, it's been awhile already and those 4 are still at the table in front of me. Oh wait, Miss Cackle is not at her seat, she probably went to pee or clear her throat or something. Ok, since she was seating at the most prominent place blocking my view of the bar and she's not around now, I'll just angle my shot slightly towards the left from their table and take a shot. So a bit of the right of the bar will be left out of the shot but it's no biggie. Here goes..

There you go :) I know, I suck at photography. Ok, with that done, I'm gonna have another final glass of Sapporo, spell-check this blog entry because my English sucks and then upload it. I'll chill out a bit more and then proceed home after I've finished my beer. The peak hour crowd ought to have dwindled some by then.


And oh, tomorrow's Thursday already. The weekend is almost upon us again (^_^)\m/

If nothing else, at least this blog entry serves to remind you to start making plans for Friday night onwards. Have a party, pal. I hope you haven't punched your monitor or ruined your phone so that you can get this far to this part.

Cheers again~

Post Script: A couple hours later...

So I'm sitting under my block sipping coffee before going up and I suddenly noticed this black heart-shaped thingy on the floor before me. It looks like a guitar pick but I'm not sure what it is exactly. So the hopeless romantic in me took a shot of it:

A black-shaped heart (if that even makes any sense). How quaint.

It's late. Go sleep. I'll go up now, take a shower, do my sales report and practice guitar. What to do? As a working adult, if I hope to excel in my hobbies and personal pursuits, I have to squeeze them into what little time I have while bringing in the dough. Maslow's Hierarchy still applies for me.

Nite ♫

- De Lion Speaks

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