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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Sip of Serenity At Vivo City

I have just finished work at Harbourfront and Vivo City. As is my self-created custom, everytime I finish work here, I'll pop by Serenity pub & restaurant here at Vivo City for a mug or two of Heineken. So that's what I'm doing now, sitting here enjoying my beer while marvelling at the lovely view of Sentosa island across the strait.

The picture you see above is exactly the view before me now from where I'm seating at the outside seating area. I always take the outside seats everytime I'm here because of the view. Looking at the buildings & structures of Universal Studios across the narrow strait makes me reminiscent of the time when me & my Lioness went there to see the sights and enjoy the rides. Makes me smile everytime. How lovely it is that simple things like this can be so enjoyable.

But I didn't quite had an enjoyable lunch earlier. You see, when I went over to collect my plate of Char Kway Teow from the stall at the hawker centre opposite Harbourfront, I forgot to bring my wallet with me. So I went back to my seat, placed the food on the table, took out my money & went back to the stall to pay.

Just after I made my payment and turned around to head back to my table, a flock of Minahs descended on my food. Wow, leave my table for just seconds and birds come out of nowhere to rob me of my lunch. I started to dash back to my table but in a flash, realized the futility of it; the birds already got to my food. Everyone else who saw what happened sported sympathetic looks on their faces.

So I returned my plate of food to the stall and ordered another new one. I told the cook to cook my food with lots of chili and I wonder if the birds had their little throats burned as a result. Oh well, can't blame them, birds need to eat too and table manners don't apply to them.

So while I'm sipping my beer here at Serenity, I reminded myself about the books I'm gonna start writing one day when I retire. The things I'm gonna write about are mainly social commentaries and novels set in the local scenario. Social commentaries because I enjoy taking a piss at society and novels because I love a good story.

I am in possession and have been told about my quite unmatched cynicism & sarcasm at least when compared with the natives here and thus, I hope I can piss exercise these talents marvelously here within the local context.

Cynicism is easy, all you need to do is to look at the underbelly of things where the ugly side of the truth is hidden. There is always one since nothing except God is perfect. Most people just refuse to acknowledge the existence of said underbelly. As for sarcasm, it's just a byproduct of cynicism and the line between the two can sometimes be blur or indiscernible. Let the two hold hands and you have a mighty double-whammy like a flurry of punches to the gut.

Since I'm killing time here, I begin to mentally craft a draft about the first novel I'm gonna probably start with. I love crafting stories which are parallel to my own life. So I begin to craft a draft about the story of a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep since I'm one. To be exact, my profession's title reads 'Sales & Marketing Executive' ever since my last promotion but the bulk of my job is still a rep's job.

So I think I'll probably entitle my first novel 'Rep' until I think of something better in the future if at all. 'Rep' is short, I know, but it's short-cool, just like [Rec], that Spanish horror movie which is one of the best horror movie this decade. 'The Rep' just won't cut it and sounds amateurish.

I have also decided to make the protagonist in my novel some sort like my alter-ego: he's a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep just like me living a similar life but he's allowed to do things which I probably have to restrain myself from doing in real life.

Gosh, that sounds like some sort of therapy. Anyway, humans need fantasy for a reason. I suppose that is why novels and movies exist.

Anyway, I cheers to my own fantasy and my enjoyable retirement plans of writing. I just hope that can come true. Buy my books if you see them one day, I'm quite sure you can also find them to be usable as one of the best books of insults you will ever come across.


- De Lion Speaks

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