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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wet Misery

It's a drenched world out there


Lots & lotsa rain. Just like a dysfunctional free-flowing tap in overdrive mode. A fucking misery.

A misery because with rain that can last through the entire day and into the night and continue ad nauseum into the next day, I can't go for my runs and because I travel about the country for my work, the blasted rain just bogs me down.

It's been raining hard like this constantly for the past few days and I'm quite sick of it already. The monsoon season of December has been pushed a month forward. It's called Global Fucking Warming.

Just when I thought it would stop pouring whenever the rain seems to taper off, another wave of wet ferocity would come crashing down. Just how much water can the sky hold anyway?

I used to love the rain. But that all changed the first time I experienced lovely snow in Hokkaido followed by rain in Tokyo. Comparing the two, snow doesn't make you feel drenched, rain does. And since I love the cold, I can enjoy snow while feeling peachykeen in the icy embrace of winter. And since I hate humidity, rain over here in the tropics can sometimes make me feel as if I'm trapped inside a microwave. I'm not sure about many things in Life but I'm damn sure I was made for winter.

And I absolutely hate how rain puddles can cause dirt to splash up onto my legs and pants. It makes me feel dirty. And then the wet slush would dribble down to my feet. If I happen to be wearing socks, you can be sure as wet hell to catch me cursing.

And my Lioness told me today that the wet weather is causing our washed clothes to take more days to dry. Upon hearing that, I think I gulped at the thought of running out of dry clothes to wear for the week ahead.

And to top it all off, once the sky runs out of water, there will be nothing stopping the sun from burning us all up here with its murderous rays. Not only will that cause unnecessary lethargy for me, bogging me down with quick tiredness but one of the things I HATE the most is to be drenched in my own perspiration and feeling sticky all over. Why did my ancestors choose to migrate to the damned tropics?

So I hate the rain and I hate the sun. I know, I'm a hard man to please, but we all have our own preferred standards, yeah? So what kind of weather do I like? They say the truth lies somewhere in-between, so my favourite kind of weather is cooling / cold weather with gloomy overcast dark skies.


I cannot help but smile at the thought of the throng of people caught in the rain over at Chinatown. Chinese new year is just 4 days away and so, the place ought to have been bursting at the seams with people.

Take that, overpopulation.

Why would people behave like a herd of pigs by willingly placing themselves in an overcrowded situation and rubbing sweaty skin upon sweaty skin with others while having to take like 5 minutes just to traverse one meter? And at the end of it all, trying to get home would be hell. I can never fathom the stupidity of it all and it's not like the festive mood still exists after all these years of economical crisis.

Crowds in clubs and pubs, however, is an entirely different matter for me :p

However, the thought of the vendors in Chinatown makes me feel sympathetic. They ought to have stocked up on lots of new year goodies but the constant hard rain which ought to reduce their customer flow is gonna hit their business really really hard. Not pleasant.

I really hope it will not rain tomorrow during work, but I ain't holding my breath. That dysfunctional tap in the Big Blue seems seriously persistent.

And for the irony, here's a song brought to you by my favourite band:

Stay dry.

- De Lion Speaks

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