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Friday, January 21, 2011

Yee Peng & Stanley Tie The Knot

I've been with my present Pharmaceutical company for 4 years servicing the Pharmacists at the retail outlets all over the country. When I first started this job, I was shopping for a knee plaster guard for my mum at my customer's outlet at Lot 1. During that time, the Pharmacist on duty there was Yee Peng (before she moved on to other pastures). She was my very first customer who gave me, one of her suppliers, a 10% discount with my purchase of the knee guard. Without me even requesting for it too. I'll never forget that.

And 4 years later, on this very day, Yee Peng ties the knot with Stanley. Finally, one of my favourite Pharmacists gets married off and Hooray for that!

So the wedding dinner was supposed to start at 7:30pm over at Swissotel Merchant Court. At around 6 plus in the evening, I raided my wardrobe with haste for clothes to wear for the wedding since I was running late. I didn't even have a blueprint of an idea about what to wear and in the end, I mixed & matched and threw this on myself all in the space of like 10 minutes:

And with that, I was ready to roll.

So I hustled & bustled to the train station and by the time I reached the venue (almost went in the wrong direction too), it was already past 8pm and the guests reception outside the ballroom was devoid of anyone, leaving me stranded with no knowledge of which table I was supposed to sit at. Gosh, why is this always happening to me at wedding dinners?

Yee Peng & Stanley were already in front of me getting ready for their march-in. My heart leapt when I saw Yee Peng with her prince :) What a lovely sight. After congratulating the couple, I told them not to worry about me, I'll find my table in one way or another.

Lucky me, Yee Peng's elder brother came out and he took over guiding me, their lost guest. So after sifting through the guests list, he pinpointed my table number and after thanking him, I dashed into the ballroom.

But I had to dash out immediately again: "Erm, they took away the table numbers." That got Yee Peng laughing out loud. Hey, I felt good making the bride laugh. Her brother then escorted me in and became just as lost since the table I was supposed to sit at was fully occupied. Somebody from another table must have usurped my throne.

With both of us lost in front of the whole ballroom which was showing the couples' romantic history photos on the screens, I retreated to the entrance door of the ballroom and stood there looking at the screens while her bro looked for a way; didn't wanna stick out in front of the whole ballroom like a sore thumb while everybody else was seating down.

When Yee Peng's brother came back to me, I said to him: "It's alright. There is an empty seat at the next table, I'll just take that." The table I was referring to was occupied by elderly folks but I didn't mind that at all. I'm cool with it. Besides, what else could we do, wrestle my usurper and uproot him or her from my originally allocated seat?

Just like at Derrick & Regina's wedding dinner, the folks who were strangers sharing the table with me were kind & thoughtful, making sure that I could reach the food and that I had enough to eat. I appreciate that.

But like a tragic comic, I made a blunder for myself: when they served the fried chicken, I couldn't tell which part of the chicken was which since the flour (must have been flour or perhaps breadcrumbs) covered the parts up entirely in fluffy blobs. So I just dived in and picked a part.

Turns out that after scraping off the bulk of the fluff, I got the chicken's head. Well, I couldn't eat that and just left the head on my plate while the chicken stared at me with those fowl eyes as if questioning me: "Dude, are you gonna start eating me or what?".

Out of every part of the chicken, I had to randomly pick the head, heh.

As is customary, the bride & the bridegroom went to every table to take pictures with everyone and I took the opportunity to snap pictures of them. In the midst of it all, I interacted with some of my other customers who were invited there too.

It's a pleasure indeed to witness one of my favourite Pharmacist get married and partake in the celebration. I then left her a WhatsApp message telling her what a beautiful bride she makes and sent my blessings again to her and Stanley. They will have a fruitful marriage, I just know it in my bones :)

- De Lion Speaks

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