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Monday, January 3, 2011

Company New Year Lunch Eurasian Style

Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant is situated at the Eurasian Community House over at Ceylon Road and this is where the Marketing department & the Sales division (except for the Wholesale team) will be having our company new year lunch with Big Boss today. The lunch starts at 12:30pm, so all of us in the Sales division participating in the lunch came here straight from the office since we figured we won't have adequate time to make much sales call before the event. My new colleague Lester from the GP team gave me a ride here & we had a great chit-chat session on our way here.

So um, according to the pic of the restaurant's main entrance at 3 o'clock right, it says 'eddie's place' right under the signage which reads 'Quentin's the Eurasian restaurant'. So what do we have here, an identity crisis? Well, I'm sure there is a reason for this but it got be baffled there.

I'm one of the firsts to come in and I made my way to one corner of the long table. Then the managers & Big Boss who were trailing right behind me seated themselves at the same end of the table. Seeing my fellow Sales reps having to take the other end of the table, I'm telling myself I want to be seated with them since they are more fun & livelier.

Besides, I'm not in the mood to be interrogated about work issues. I just want to relax & have lunch. Figured the chances of getting interrogated is higher when one seats among the Top Guns (but by the end of it all, that didn't really happen during this occasion).

So I got up and went over to the other end but shortly after, Martin, one of our managers beckons me to go back to their end. I will not delve into the intricacies of mathematics here but the reason for this is because each dish will be served in sets for 4 people each and they want me to make up the set of 4 on their end.

So I'm now finding myself back in my earlier seat. I was actually beckoned twice just now to come back to my seat and during the first time, I whipped out my mobile and pretended to be using it while not budging from the chair & making the 'gimme a minute' gesture in hopes that they would forget about it and just let me continue seating where I was. But get beckoned twice and your first trick becomes obsolete.

I'm finding myself walking about the restaurant snapping random pictures here & there with my phone while waiting for the food to arrive which seems to be taking forever. All of a sudden, it started raining big time and that added a nice touch to the East meets West ambience. It feels like Christmas again.

Goodness knows how long later, the food finally arrives and let me tell ya, the Eurasian food here is yummylicious! See those big round meatballs (beef) on the right? Oh man, especially those! And the fish not pictured here gave my tongue a delightful orgasm.

Alright, you may be thinking that since we had to wait so long for the food, our appetite just shot through the roof resulting in our tastebuds making a biased judgement in favour of the food. I really don't think that's the case. Come here and make your own judgement.

Angela from the Specialist team who is in the middle of enjoying her maternity leave finally arrives midway through the lunch and it's really great to see her & chat with her again. She gave me a ride after we split.

If you run out of ideas about where to eat or think you've tasted them all and are like me who didn't know that there are restaurants specializing exclusively in Eurasian dishes, just pop by here for something fresh for a nice change.

And don't forget to order them beef meatballs. Man, writing this blog entry makes me wanna sink my teeth into those round crispy yummies again..

- De Lion Speaks

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