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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cosplay Company Dinner

My company won the E50 award, so we are having a dinner celebration tonight at Parkroyal Hotel over at Beach Road.
The theme is Superstar Night and we are supposed to come dressed as superstars. But since some of my colleagues come dressed as movie or renowned novel characters (Captain Jack Sparrow & Sherlock Holmes), or famous historical personages (Napoleon & Cleopatra) and they were all nominated for the best-dressed award, I think the whole theme got derailed towards the cosplay direction instead.

The best-dressed winners; Luke & Tini
Some of my colleages did try to pry from me what I'll be coming as and my answer was: "I'm coming as myself, duh. I'm my own Superstar." When I began to suspect that the whole thing is reeking of cosplay at the last minute, I told them: "I thought of coming over as the Invisible Man but I don't think that would work."

Honestly, I didn't know that the theme is cosplay until the last minute. Apparently, somebody couldn't tell the difference between his or her star from his or her costume. Anyhow, I never liked the idea of dressing as somebody else. I happen to like my own fashion sense. I won the best-dressed award for our previous D&D, so I'm already satisfied :) Besides, it wouldn't be politically correct to let the same person win the same award twice in a row.

First-Person view of the mighty yells
As is the Law of the Universe, the Sales Division is the life of the party in every company that has a Sales Division. So my fellow sales peeps sharing the same table with me took the initiative to yum seng and the whole ballroom got enveloped with our voices, shouts and shrills since we mightily yelled our hearts out, probably to release some frustration at the same time too.

We did that multiple times till we attracted the other party animals like our GM David to come over and join in the fun.

I bagged the 5th prize - Wii

I remember that during our D&D, the much coveted top lucky draw prize was the Wii. I was hoping I could win that then but I didn't. So now that the lucky draw for tonight is in progress, I'm having a 'whatever' perspective on the whole matter.

It's now the 5th prize and the emcee announces it's the Wii. So they begin to dig into the pile of lucky draw entries and... the host announces my number. I just won the Wii. Springing from my seat, I marched up the stage, shook hands with Big Boss and he hands me the Wii.

The coveted top prize of the past company party is now mine. First thought that comes into my mind as I walk back to my table with my Wii in hand is Resident Evil 4 and the Resident Evil Remake of Resident Evil 1. It took a moment for the reality to sink into my mind.

So that's that for the Superstar company dinner. We drank much beer & wine past the point of satisfaction. I drank a lot of beer. Another incident of interest: when I waited for a cab outside the hotel, a group of China men came and tried to rob me of the next cab which I was entitled to since I came before them. They leapfrogged me and cut me in the queue.

So I walked past them till I was ahead of them in our leapfrog queue and I turned towards them and stared at every one of those fuckers in the eye, challenging them to leapfrog the queue again or come beat me up as I analyzed in my mind if I could pull out the road sign next to me and use it as a weapon should those wankers come charging at me. There were like 5 or 6 of them. They relented and started booking for a cab using the phone themselves and didn't pick a fight. Bullies are cowards at heart.

If they had taken the step to ask me politely if they could take the next cab, I would have gladly stepped aside to allow them to. But since they had no manners about them, I spared no quarter.

Anyway, the Wii I won is the newer black one and I got it soft-modded the very next day. It's good to be a gamer.  


Oh, and Jacelyn, my colleague-sister from the Specialist Team whom I heart to bits won the first prize: the iPad. I honestly think that both of us won the best prizes of the entire lucky draw. As my colleagues like to tell us; It's always the CHC & Specialist Team.

- De Lion Speaks

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