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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Lunch of Grandeur With The Family

It's the first day of 2011. You know what I'm gonna say here first, don't you? Well, Happy New Year. Cliché, yes, but appropriately so nevertheless.

The interior of The Carousel
Truth is, I'm uploading this entry now weeks after the new year and my calendar tells me it's the 15th today. I've prepared the pics on the 1st itself but either life's commitments delayed me or I just can't catch up with myself.

Anyway, it's the tradition of my family to have new year lunch together and for this year, we went to The Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts for lunch buffet. The hotel is situated just across the overhead bridge from Far East Plaza.

3 musicians playing Classical pieces graced our presence the minute we walked into the place. I was delighted at first with their fine display of musicianship but upon closer examination, I noticed that for some reason, the expressions on their faces were that of dead-pan gloominess.

And no, they weren't playing dirges or sad love songs. Perhaps they had too much to drink the previous night on New Year's eve or their pay just got cut. I'm a Hard Rocker but I dig the discipline that goes into mastering Classical Music. But in this case, the emotions which ought to flow into the playing just wasn't there. So I decided to go appreciate the buffet instead.

Too much plate real estate
Anyhoos, the food here is great and I enjoyed the chicken rice with riceball as pictured on the right. What I mean by that is: the chicken was really yummylicious & real juicy but the riceball was meh. When it comes to chicken rice, the rice has to be fragrant but in this case, it wasn't. Maybe the chef forgot to add in some sesame oil into the mix.

And finally, I saw Mr Goh Chok Tong having his lunch there as well in one of the private rooms & 2 of his bodyguards were standing guard at the door. I hope they weren't hungry. This is the first time I saw Mr Goh in person and yeah, he's really tall alright, the pictures & footages of him were spot on.

So there & then, I updated my Facebook status:

"Having lunch with Mr Goh Chok Tong at The Carousel, though he's in his private room while the rest of us peanuts are outside. You know where to go if you need an autograph or file grievances."

All in good humour.

We had a great lunch & a great time, after which I brought my Lioness across to Far East Plaza for some shopping. Hunted for a new clip-on nose ring for myself but no dice.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Oh, I said that already? Take that as a double dose of happiness & well-wishing then.

- De Lion Speaks

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