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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Brother Ties The Knot

(Initially, I wanted to title this blog "Another Brother Bites The Dust" but nah, I'll save the drama for another day. Don't let that scare you off, married life is great when there's communication, a sense of humour, mutual dieting™ & lots of healthy creative sex)

I knew Raymond when we were working our first proper job at VM in the IT distribution sales industry. By proper, I don't mean ideal, it was still a shitty job but an essential stepping-stone which helped pave the way for our future careers in the distribution sales industry, all the way to our current jobs which we could finally consider not perfect but ideal & proper. There were duds in-between for me though. Raymond was luckier. The man's always lucky.

So yeah, that meant we already knew each other for... *counts fingers while summoning memory bank power*.. 7 solid years. Even though we went to different companies after VM (and I actually became a colleague of Raymond again for a brief 2 days before I decided to change course & dive headlong into the Pharmaceutical industry when the opportunity came my way), we kept in touch all the way & met up for drinks & some yuppie merriment. I've lost count of how many times Raymond gave me free rides. May his tires keep going strong, we always have a need for speed.

So this night is the night of his wedding at The Grand Copthorne Waterfront. Needless to say, I'm feeling a milestone achieved for my bro. Photo below: That's Raymond & his lovely bride Faustina whom Raymond ought to be amused over my incessant insistence about how she looks like a Korean beauty queen. She's just perfect for Kimchi endorsement.

Exercising Marriage Free Speech

And this night, I feast my eyes because lots of the couple's friends invited are arty-farty people and they turned the wedding into a fashion show as well. There are rockers at the table behind me, Jap fashion strutters, funky hairstylists.. you name it.

One dude caught my attention & he's the guy with the hat in the pic on the right. That's not Slash from the former Guns & Roses. I like his long overcoat & his chick is dressed in Rocker Babe outfit and that's pretty cool. And I like the funky hairstyle of Henri, the man sitting 3 seats to his right. Henri worked in Japan for some years, so put 2 & 2 together to figure out why he escapes the dinosaur Sinkie man image.

You can find something similar in the sewers

And no wedding night would be complete without a sabotage drinking session for the bridegroom. Every dude I'm sharing the table with are some of the closest buds with Raymond & naturally, that translates to mean the naughtiest & noisiest table. And which table could brew the nastiest concoction for the bridegroom but the naughtiest?

So in the end, everybody couldn't figure out what exactly went into the concoction we brewed for Raymond since everybody poured everything within grabbing distance into the glasses willy-nilly. And for a finishing touch, we covered the evil brew with a red cloth and made the whole drama seem like a magic show, waiting for Raymond to come our way so that we can present formally to him our creative skills.

Suffering snakes, I hope Raymond has a stomach made of stainless steel.

The price of Love:
Our Hero of the night downing shite
So did Raymond survive the baptism by liquid fire in the end? Let's just say that it took him forever between sips to finish the poison. And by the end of it all, Raymond had to be manhandled back to his hotel suite. Raymond was a hero for being able to down that whole glass of monstrosity which made my stomach churn at the sight of it. Damn.

I messaged him the next day to ask if he managed to find his way out of the bathtub he was dumped in the previous night & if he was ok. He called me back to tell me he knew I wasn't one of those who forced him to drink the concocted liquid poison (I actually did volunteer myself to drink half of it since I practice Kamikaze but I was let off), so he gave me his assurance that I will be immune to his upcoming vengeance, ha.

So here's to my buddy Raymond & Faustina. You have to be a good boy from now on, brother. Well, most of the time would be good enough. Take great care of each other.

- De Lion Speaks

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