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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Good News Nippon-Style

My manager asked me yesterday if it would be alright if I report to the office today instead of tomorrow for this week. Since flexibility is a sound strategy endorsed by Sun Tzu & I can toggle between my planned areas of visit according to the call of duty, I replied 'sure'.

He was really nice about it, leaving the authority regarding the matter in my hands. If your manager treats you kindly, you cater to his needs to the best of your ability. Harmony at work both up & down the rungs of the corporate ladder is a vital thing that political corporate idiots don't know how to value.

Even though I was grateful for my manager's gentlemanly mannerism, I couldn't help but have a nagging worry about what the whole thing entails. So I asked him what the issue was about & he said he just wanted to catch up with me before he goes on leave this Thursday & Friday. So naturally, I concluded that he probably wanted to handover some work stuff to me.

Turns out he discussed with me about upcoming promotion activity plans for my customers for next year as well as the details of my upcoming task for training Jacelyn, Angela, Ken & a new sales rep by the name of Lester who will be joining us soon.

I'll need to train them on merchandising on the retail front since they will be helping me out to service the neighborhood stores under my care. I'm not worried about this because I get along well with my fellow sales reps. Goes to show the importance of having your colleagues as friends & allies; something which people who go around playing black politics & stabbing everyone in the back in the office or have zilch empathy don't have.

Sucks to be them. There's a price to pay for the grabbing of power at the unfair expense of your fellow troops or taking on the role of the office snob. Most end up not knowing how to deal with the price.

Anyway, the highlight of the day is that Jason has announced to Eileen & me (after we sort of interrogated him about it) that our upcoming company incentive trip in February next year will be 3 days in Hokkaido & 2 days in Tokyo if everything goes well!

Me & my Lioness at Otaru (March 22, 2010)

Zowee! Imagining myself going back to Hokkaido again (especially Otaru & Sapporo) causes me to have that fantasizing dreamy look in my eyes. All expenses paid too except for the binge drinking my guts tell me Lily, Jace & me will surely perform over in Nihon. I can even foresee that i'll be bringing them to that pub in Tokyo where I experimented with the local liquid poison during my previous trip there. Hope our planned trip will become a reality. February is gonna be snowing over there & I miss the snow & cold.. with a Passion.

And finally, I went running again at Jalan Bahar tonight. The original plan was to go at 23:30pm but I only managed to leave the house after 00:30am. Wish I could stop time since I can really dilly-dally sometimes. Too much to do, too little time. What's new?

So after I finished my run & workout, I had Mee Hoon Goreng for supper at the only coffeeshop at Jalan Bahar since I was hungry. I know, I know, you're saying 'wasted effort'. Oh shuddup. My appetite always shoots up the charts after exercising. The same goes for my sexual appetite. My physical appetitite & sexual appetite have a direct correlation just like two soldiers in the same foxhole who cooperate with each other like their lives depend on it.

Mid-life crisis.

As is my self-created tradition, everytime I come to Jalan Bahar, I'll buy a packet of coffee & go to the playground to enjoy the quiet night. I like Jalan Bahar, it's a place which is remote & seems surreal & separated from the rest of the country. Yeah, I need my frequent moments of isolation. If I'm not mistaken, this is the smallest estate of the country.

Makes for a perfect place for pilgrimage, meditation & reflection. I've had quite enough of the hustle & bustle concrete jungle life. Yeah, this remote little place is closer to Nature & being close to Nature is good.

So to conclude this blog entry, I'll now share with you the lovely view before me right now at one of the many benches here in the playground I use as my resting place where I'm sipping my coffee & listening to 95FM:

Simplicity at its best

Oh, and if you happen to spot anything otherworldly in the pic, do let me know as this place is quite haunted.

- De Lion Speaks


Siti Suraiya said...

Nice article Lion. You turned out okay. Excellent work ethics, enjoy the simplest things in life and have a mean outlet for that streak of wild side I know you have. -sani

Little Lion said...

Hey Siti, glad you didn't find my blog to have wasted your precious time :p Well, I always try to be mindful of my colleagues but once in awhile, I'll trip & piss them off a little :p But luckily, they look cute when they are pissed.

As for my wild self, I've grounded him temporarily. Gotta keep that bad boy in chains until the next party.