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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manga Galore

If you were a prisoner in a cell & the key to your cell door as well as a computer connected to the Net are just right in front of you within reach but you are too lazy to pick up the key & use it or too lazy to research on the Net about how to use a key, then you have nobody to blame but yourself as you continue rotting in your prison.

Just like how a friend commented she's bored with her iPhone while knowing that her phone is still doing time in its jail. At the same time, she's aware about the possibility of breaking the shackles of her mobile but still, she lets her phone continue staying in prison.

Thing is, a prisoner can never tell how big the outside world actually is & how much more one can do with the vastness & variety outside. But she's just a bimbo & bimbos are supposed to be dumb while complaining about their predicament which they actually have the ability to pull themselves out of if they bother to work the grey matter between their ears. So of course she got bored with her phone, tsk.

Sure, she can literally buy her 'freedom' for her phone but I digress. Suffice to say that if you have to pay for every single step you take out of your prison, sooner or later, you'll burn out. Either you or your wallet first. Caught my drift?

Alright, down to business. So this week, we talk about manga! Looky here:

What you see above is just a small section of the A-to-Z listing of the app 'Manga Depot'. It's an app that allows you to download & read manga. For the uninitiated, manga is not some exotic mango from the Solomon Islands. Manga is Japanese comics.

So Manga Depot allows you to download & read Japanese comics in English, as you can see in the pic on the right (click it to bloat it). The picture shows the portrait view and reading Manga in portrait view on your phone can make you develop wrinkles around the eyes before the 5th chapter. But don't fret, tap the screen once and you'll go straight to landscape view mode. So, are we good here or what?

Why Manga Depot? Well, I've experimented with other manga apps but this is my favourite thus far. Some other manga apps don't even have complete chapters, leaving you hanging like an Otaku lost in Akihabara (uh, if that's even possible).

And this pic shows how the interface looks like when you select the manga you would like to download & read. All you'll need to do is to click the 'download' tab on the left of specific chapters and once downloaded, just click 'read'. You can download subsequent chapters while reading at the same time.

Say what? Multi-tasking is so here already? Well, no shit, Sherlock.

But there's a wedgie, er, I mean con to the whole matter: not every manga can be found here. For example, Death Note and Bleach. Bugger that. But still, there are too many other titles to read. So give & take even more, don't bitch overboard about it.

And here's a hint: once you have found the manga title you like within the app's alphabetical or search list, click it, then click the heart on the upper right corner up-top to favourite it. Then when you are ready to read, just go into your favourites list; a simple procedure to prevent yourself from going all over the place and creating a mess, but an easily overlooked one on the first go.

You make the choice about whether your phone is just a boring brick or a very much alive multimedia tool. Manga is just one out of many goodies in the mobile world.

Just so happens that reading manga can make you miss your train stop, so watch out. Speaking from experience.

- De Lion Speaks

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