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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Juice For More Mobile Time

Do you know what it's like to be on MSN on your iPhone and just when your friend was about to reveal a deep dark secret to you, your battery dies? Or when you are about to hit level 12 in Ravensword after some hard grinding and your battery goes kaput? Then you would be left twiddling thumbs in the train for the rest of your long journey as suicidal thoughts that only geeks without their gadgets working could understand come flooding in.

So yeah, I abuse my iPhone everyday to the point that on some days when I reach home at the end of the day, only around 20% of its battery life would be left (if I get lucky). And to think I've even disabled everything that I will only turn on as & when I need them, like 3G, WiFi, location services & notifications (except for WhatsApp and eBuddy).

Extra Juice In A Casing (click to bloat)

Therefore, my new backup-power casing pictured above is a much needed purchase for me (courtesy of my Lioness since this is our 5th anniversary & Christmas present from her). Let's see now, it says:

Extra 5 hours talk time
Extra 7 hours video time
Extra 28 hours music playback time and
Extra 210 hours standby time

The manufacturer must be a sad no-life douchebag because there is no 'extra gaming battery time' indication, but no biggie because the extra video playback time is a close estimate for gaming time after you shave off 30 minutes or so if you are playing a 3D graphic-intensive game.

I've so far found 3 types of such iPhone 4 power casings locally: this one from Apple's premium reseller, this one by Energizer (both above $100) & my no brand brand ($88 from Mobile Fashion at Jurong Point). I don't need the brand names in this case, I just need the extra power.

The section on the right of the pic above shows how my phone looks like after installing the casing on it & I'm quite relieved it didn't turn out all fugly. I think I will only use the casing when my iPhone is low on juice anyway. Other than that, it stays in my bag. Best thing is, it doesn't weigh a ton. It makes the phone heavier, but only by a tad.

I don't think I'll be having withdrawal symptoms during long flights from now on.

- De Lion Speaks

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