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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrating A Buddy's Tying of The Knot

Derrick is not just my ex-colleague from R, he is also one of my buddies whom when I address as 'Bro', I'll mean it. Perhaps the fact that he's a Capricorn helps; not only do Cappies tell the best jokes which talent my funny bones do appreciate, but us Scorps' best get-along buddies are also supposed to be Cappies. The goat's unexpected angles of perspective from which they spring their spontaneous jokes never fail to impress me.

Picture a scorpion riding on a goat's back. Peachykeen & so becoming, isn't it? Can't think of anything else that can conjure up a better image of camaraderie. Not even an image of George Bush & Osama tearing at each others' throats while chuckling "Heil Hitler" comes close.

We came quite a ways, both of us having worked together in the same nonsensical company with a nonsensical boss. Derrick joined the corporate meat-grinder a couple weeks or so after me & along with Cheryl & Ming Er, we all suffered together. But to make up for everything, we played together to make merriment out of the senselessness of it all. You know what they say about how people caught together in the same dire straits can become close.

So the years flew by & before I could mutter a 'lo & behold', today is the day I attended Derrick & his lovely bride Regina's wedding dinner at Hotel Rendezvous.

I thought to myself that I must have been the last guest to turn up since upon reaching the venue, nobody was stationed at the guests reception desk, not to mention the time then was already past 8pm.

So I put on a 'lost' expression on my face as I rifed through the guests seating list myself DIY-style, and that seemed to work because 2 ladies standing outside the ballroom started walking towards me. I didn't think they were impressed by my initiative and were just coming over to congratulate me.

Turns out they were part of the guests reception team and they helped me find my table number. So remember folks, a lost expression can be as good as slamming your palm down on those silver bells that summon the service crew, if not better, since high-pitched 'ding's at sharp octaves aren't that healthy for the eardrums.

Walking towards the ballroom, a familiar figure stood before me ahead with his back facing me and I knew that must be Derrick. When he saw me, we greeted each other like 2 little kids and when I asked him whether anyone else from R made it there, he answered: "No man, you are the only survivor."

Bugger that. Makes me glad I went to support him & Regina even if I had to do it myself without the rest of the gang. I made a mental note to wring their necks when I see them next and how I'll freaking wring in a way that will make ragdoll physics look like child's play. For the meantime, that will be a story for another day as I just wanted to share in Derrick & Regina's joy and immerse myself in the mood.

So I was seated with strangers at table 20 who immediately made me feel welcome and I appreciated that a lot. They cared about whether I could get to the food and such and it was nice for a change to attend a wedding dinner that nobody asked me why I told the waiter not to serve me any sharks' fin.

Throughout the dinner, I took
pictures of the lovely couple and I even went over to their table with their immediate families sitting there and just snapped away as if I owned the place. I told myself this is my buddy's once in a lifetime event so shyness can just take a backseat this evening. I didn't tell you I'm actually shy by nature?

I so very much wanted to catch up with Derrick but this is his big day and he had to focus on the whole ballroom, so I limited myself to popping over to where he was once or twice to remind him that I still exist. And when he could, he came over to my table to remind me that he exists too. When I saw the tiredness in his eyes, I told him to hang in there since this is a once in a lifetime event.

So I'm elated for my buddy & his bride. Guess what, there is a plot of land next to my block where a new apartment block is currently being built. Derrick & Regina have already bought and reserved an apartment for it. Nothing like having a longtime buddy as your neighbor, yo?

+1 to another drinking buddy within grabbing distance.

This blog entry is dedicated to the lovely couple.

- De Lion Speaks

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