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Thursday, January 13, 2011

An I.O.U. Meal of Gratitude

Because I woke up late today & had to mad-dash to the office, I didn't have enough time to draw money earlier in the morning. So I made a mental note to do so when I leave the office later.

Apparently, mental notes can be highly volatile. What are thoughts made of anyway, Acetone? You see, I just left the office to make my way to my customers and I'm at one of the coffee shops outside my office because I've decided to have some coffee & food first since I'm getting really hungry. I rarely eat breakfast but today is an exception.

I have just ordered a plate of $2.50 wanton noodles and a 80 cents cup of coffee when my forgotten fickle mental note came crashing back on me. Realizing that I have not drawn any moolah yet, I whipped out my wallet in near panic to see if by some miracle, I have at least $3.30 on me.

So mockery shows me I have just 2 dollars plus on me right now. I have more than enough for the coffee but not for the food. Imagining a cartoon exclamation mark flashing above my head, I dash over to the wanton noodle stall telling them to cancel my order because I forgot to draw enough money.

Too late, the cook has already started cooking my order. So I'm really surprised because the cook as well as the stall helper assure me that I can always pay for my food another day. They want me to eat my food and they are telling me it's ok.

I'm feeling really bad about this and begin to heap upon them a shower of apologies & gratitude. Each apology & expression of gratitude is returned with a smile & reassurance that it's ok even though I told these kind folks that I will only be returning here next week.

$2.50 is a small amount but their generosity is priceless to me.

The woman who sold me the coffee also tells me not to worry since she already knows that my office is nearby as I buy coffee or the occasional tea from her quite regularly. So she knows that I will be back.

Sitting here eating my wanton noodle, I'm now making a calendar note with alarm alert dated 18th of January on my phone to remind myself that when I next come back to the office on that date which is next Tuesday, I'll have to pay the kind folks the money I owe them.

I'm really pissed with myself but on the plus side, this incident reminds me not to give up hope on people. Generosity & kindness have not entirely gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

- De Lion Speaks

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