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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plugging In At Eski Bar

Sometimes, I'll grab company to join me when I want to relax somewhere and have a drink after work. Other times, I just prefer to be alone and have some 'Me' time. That's gotta be a Scorpio trait, I guess. We are not afraid of being alone, at least for a moment.. even if it's a long one.

Today is such a day when I just want to be alone by myself. I've just finished work finding myself at Raffles Place. I was working in Orchard earlier and proceeded here after. I can see the Singapore River from where I am and when one sees the Singapore River, one thinks Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.

And when one thinks Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, one thinks drinking and dining places. So here I am at Eski Bar in Boat Quay. Eski Bar is at the back alley behind the main area facing the river. I wanted to hole up at the main area for a drink but the pubs and restaurants there are crowded at this hour. I don't like the crowd. Not today. So I came here to the quieter back alley instead where I can hear myself think.

Going into the bar to order my drink, the sub-zero temperature hits me and every pore on my body leaps for joy. It's been awhile since my entire being has been enveloped with the feel of winter, albeit an artificial one. But I'm gonna take the outside seat instead. Later, I'm gonna walk in there again to pay my bill and enjoy the cold sensation once more when I'm done here. I miss the cold of winter in other countries I've been to with proper winter seasons.

As for my mood, I'm feeling quite tired of my work recently (who wouldn't once in awhile, that's only human) and it's going to get more tedious from next month onwards - there will be product blitzes that will bog me down since I'll have to lug lots of things around with me and I don't drive, while having to hit my sales call quotas for the days and the humid weather won't help.

There will also be a few full days of training for an upcoming new product as well as 3 full days of a public Pharmaceutical event at Suntec in October that will not only last from morning till night but eat into my weekend as well. I've been to similar multiple full days conventions at Suntec during my stint in the IT industry before and I know that it's gonna be tiring. Well, at least it will happen before my birthday.

I'm just hoping that all these won't eat up too much of my guitar practice time. I do not believe that one should devote one's entire waking moment to just work and career and nothing else. Everyone should have their own personal pursuits outside of work. Maslow's Hierarchy, babe.

And there's also the fact that my monthly sales targets have been increased dramatically and I only have one new product on the horizon to expand my product range to help me cope. I don't think I have enough ammo for the fight when I think about the breadth of product promotional activities and the height of my sales targets, so to speak.

And on top of everything, I've decided to give up on something and it ain't gonna be easy. But on a better note, my body is telling me that the cough that's been bugging me lately is gonna be gone soon, good riddance to that.

Hey, now that I'm putting all these down in writing, I think I've figured out why I'm feeling kinda lousy. So I guess I'm here at Eski Bar having a drink to rest my mind and perk myself up for the challenges ahead. Not that it will do much but every instance of winding down and resting collectively ought to at least do something for the grand scale of things.

Drain yourself, plug in for some recharge and charge into the fray again. Now I know how a handphone feels like.

Anyway, the surrounding here is 70's-esque, what with the place I'm at made up of rows of shophouses modified with a touch of modernity. Imagine and visualize the 1970's merging with 2011. The pic on the right which shows my immediate surrounding now ought to help you see what I mean.

I'm gonna chill out here a bit, surf the Net with my trusty phone and once I've finished my pint of Heineken, I'm gonna walk over to the Censorship Board building and go home from there.

Have a good evening. Tomorrow may either be better or tomorrow may be worse, but Life is such that in-between the ups & the downs, one better learn to shift to a lower gear, chill out a bit, smell the roses and recharge and encourage oneself to continue the fight on the morrow.

So speaking of ups & downs, Life is just like a lift. Just don't malfunction and get yourself stuck for too long.

The Singapore River

Be like water. Water flows around and through every opening of obstacles to get to the other side. If all else fails, you can always try crashing through everything tsunami-style. Just ask a pissed Mother Nature who gets her way whenever she feels like it.

- De Lion Speaks

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